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Original Territory is inspired by the everyday moments and the places we go with our pets. Our purpose is to provide you with the tools to make the most of these moments.

We design our dog toys, bedding, accessories, and bundles always with you and your dog in mind. By only using high quality materials and going above and beyond industry standards, you can trust us to stand behind our products. Nothing is more important to us than keeping your four-legged friends feeling happy, comfortable, and loved.


Help you enjoy everyday moments with your pet, through fun and witty products that pull inspiration from the places and daily life we share with them.


All of our products come with the reminder to Mark Your TerritoryTM. Not to be confused as encouragement for your dog to lift their leg but a reminder that your Territory - whether it's home, backyard, neighborhood, or beyond - is your dog's Territory, too. Explore your Territory together, play there together, even take a snooze there together, and always remember a simple truth:

Life is Better With a DogTM



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