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GRANDMA LUCY’S Made with wholesome, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, Grandma Lucy’s creates premium food and treats crafted with integrity and made with love. The family-owned and operated company takes great care to use only human-quality, all-natural ingredients and nothing else, and it’s pure and simple freeze-dried pet food products are prepared the way you would if you had the time to cook for your pet at home. Grandma Lucy’s believes that a healthy pet starts with healthy food and that a remedy to many common ailments can be found by simply changing a pet’s diet. Since 1999, the brand has maintained a reputation for making only the best and it is constantly developing new products packed with leading-edge nutrition. It strives to improve pets’ lives through solution-based feeding, and every single ingredient in Grandma Lucy’s is chosen with a specific benefit in mind. These superfoods create recipes filled with benefits so your dog can eat their way to health.